Reserve Batch Stock

This product allows batches or parts of batches to be reserved against a Sales Order. When the stock is issued, the reserved batches are automatically selected.

Advanced Stock Enquiry

This product shows summary information for a Stock item on a single screen together with four grids for Warehouses, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Batch Numbers. No Update Data Structures is required for this product.

Email Payslips/P60s/P45s

Save time and money on your payroll processing costs with this secure add on for Opera 3, Opera 3 SQL, Opera II and Opera II SQL. Email Payslips/P60s/P45s will send your employee payslips in an individually password protected PDF using 128 bit encryption. Employees can view their payslips securely on their PC, smart phone, mobile device etc. without having to return to the office or without the fear of it being lost in the post.