Advanced Searching - Introduction

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise


Advanced Searching provides an enhanced search facility within Stock Processing, Stock G.R.N. Details, SOP Details, POP Documents & Orders & PIR which allows for multiple search criteria to be defined.

Advanced Search criteria form

When the user selects "Search" button the following information is displayed in the search results grid:

  • Stock Code
  • Description
  • In Stock/Free
  • Sell Price/P/O
  • Supplier

If the user selects 'Clear', the search criteria is reset to default & the search results are cleared.

Toggle Filter - When Advanced Search is run from entering text into the stock reference field on SOP, POP Documents/Orders, PIR or Stock G.R.N. Details form, this option allows the filter to display all stock items or just stock items which match the filter criteria.

Advanced Search criteria form filtered