Stock Matrix (Colour/Style/Size)

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

Stock Matrix allows for the definition and control of multi-dimensional stock items quickly and easily. Stock Matrix is ideal for combination stock such as clothing colour/size, shoe colour/size, variety/size, plant size/variety, etc.

Key Features

  • Parameter driven (e.g. define code lengths for matrix, row and column)
  • User definable descriptions for matrix rows and columns (e.g. Style/Size/Colour)
  • Automatically generate stock records in Opera stock module
  • Generate stock movements easily using a grid entry (Receipts, Issues and Adjustments etc.)
  • Multi-warehouse enabled
  • SOP & POP Order Entry integration with easy transaction generation via grid entry
  • Import of Column and Row Descriptions from Excel or text file.
  • Facility for creation of Column/Row Charts 'on the fly' when adding a new Matrix Type.
  • Matrix Reports for Stock Valuation and Theoretical Stock
  • Integrated with Opera Reporter Module
  • User Security and Access via standard Opera functionality

Typical Users

  • Garment Industry
  • Shoe Industry
  • Any organisation with stock that can be represented in multiple dimensions (row/column)

Stock Matrix


Stock Matrix can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Stock Matrix requires Pegasus Opera Stock and Toolkit modules.